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RBC - Business Networking in Raleigh

The Purpose of the Raleigh Business Connections Group


The Raleigh Business Connections group is a business networking group in the Raleigh area. The purpose of the Raleigh Business Connections group is to assist business people in the Raleigh area with enlarging their client base through referral marketing. The Raleigh Business Connections group meets weekly, every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 11:45am for about one hour. As a result of developing quality business relationships in the Raleigh area, each member becomes a part of an extended sales team for your business. In other words, the business networking members of the group become walking, talking advertisements for you, promoting you and your business with other people in the Raleigh area.Raleigh Business Networking

A core concept of the Raleigh Business Connections group is that members refer leads to YOU, not your business. This occurs as a result of developing quality business relationships with the other members. These business relationships develop through attendance at the weekly meetings and through one-on-one meetings with other members to learn about each other and each other’s business services and products.

We welcome business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, salespeople, independent representatives, and other business people in the Raleigh area interested in growing their business by helping others grow theirs through business networking, also known as referral marketing. As a non-competing membership group, we allow one member per category. We realize that people often specialize within their category. For example, a real-estate salesperson in the Raleigh area may specialize in residential real-estate, while another specializes in commercial real-estate. This would likely be an appropriate fit for our networking group, subject to group consensus.


Benefits of Membership


Successful business people generally agree that one of the best forms of advertising, if not the best, is word-of-mouth advertising. This serves as a foundation for many business networking groups in the Raleigh area, including ours. As a result, members of business networking groups exchange quality leads with other members, which equals increased revenue for all members.

At our business networking meetings, many members freely exchange valuable business ideas and insight with each other, which often benefits all or most other members. Additionally, many members enjoy the camaraderie and social aspect of membership to our group. Consequently, there are many benefits of joining our group in addition to obtaining more clients and customers.



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