Past Contributing Members

Raleigh Business Connections has a couple of past members that still contribute to our website and we like to mention them.


Greg built our website and maintains it for us.


Greg BorchardtGreg BorchardtBarking Bird Media - Web Design
Barking Bird Media – Developer of this Website
WebSite Creator/Designer
(919) 435-BARK (2275)

-Barking Bird Media helps businesses increase revenue by upgrading their websites.
-Barking Bird Media websites project businesses as professionals and leaders in their field.


Colleen updates the information on our website, keeping our members list up to date and adding our new members.


Colleen Gray, ColleensREVA, Raleigh's Elite Virtual AssistantsColleen
Boomerang Social
Social Media Managers and Marketing

>Social Media and email marketing are today’s way to stay connected with your customers!
>Is your customer service or marketing departments handling the service issues coming in on your social media?
>We share your information to provide you with Social Engagement OUT that brings you Successful Results IN.
>We are there to respond to those customer service issues that come on your social media accounts.