Networking Mistakes

Mistakes Some Business Networkers Make:

Some people think that business networking is simply a matter of showing up to meetings, handing out business cards Business Successand waiting for people to give them referrals. These people quickly become frustrated with the results of this “strategy.” It is important to us that you prosper as a member of our group, so we have included a list of “mistakes” that are commonly made at networking meetings which you can avoid.

Mistake #1: SellingOne common mistake networkers make is that they come to meetings to sell themselves, their products, or their services. This is a huge turn-off to almost everyone. Business networking is about building relationships, even becoming friends. Once people get to know YOU (not just your business), they refer people to YOU – not your business. Don’t go to business networking meeting with the intention of selling your services or products to the members of the group. You will be very disappointed in the results of your efforts.

Mistake #2:It’s all about me. This ties into Mistake #1, but it is worth having its own category. Networkers who have an “It’s about me” attitude will not enjoy much success with a business networking group. Much like a good friendship, networking is a two-way street. To be successful as a business networker, you must genuinely be interested in the other members (just as in a good friendship).

Business Networking in RaleighMistake #3: Only out to get business. Again, this is a variation of Mistake #1 & 2, but this also is worth having its own category. If the only purpose you are joining a business networking group is to get business, you will likely be disappointed with the results. Yes, the overall purpose of business networking is to generate more business for the members, but that works most effectively as a result of building quality relationships, which takes time. Effective business networkers help other members generate more business, which is then reciprocated.

Mistake #4: Giving Out Business Cards. Yes, we hand out business cards here, but don’t make that the primary purpose of going to a networking group.  Effective business networking innately involves getting to know fellow members, which requires active listening.  This “rule” ties in with “It’s all about me.”  For an effective business networker, it is very much about the other members, which is why they go to business networking meetings to collect business cards.


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