Group Guidelines

Raleigh Business Connections Guidelines


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Raleigh Business Connections is a business networking group in the Raleigh area that helps business people increase their revenues through effective referral marketing.

Overall, the Raleigh Business Connections group is more informal than other business networking groups in the Raleigh area. We do notBusiness Networking in Raleigh have a “if you miss x number of meetings, you forfeit your seat” rule. Members do not have to achieve a quota of referrals given to other members. However, as in any successful business networking group, we have some general guidelines members are expected to follow.

Mission Statement:

  • Our mission is to build stable long-standing relationships within the group based upon credibility and trust. These relationships leverage each member’s expertise to share information during our meetings, which presents the opportunity to make business referrals.

Expectations of Group Members:

  • Attendance: It is expected that regular attendance is necessary to develop the relationships within RBC (Raleigh Business Connections) and that RSVP responses will be made when requested.
  • A commitment to regular attendance should be made, but it is also acknowledged that client needs will take a priority.
  • RBC meets every 1st and 3rd Wednesday promptly at 11:45am at Manchesters and meetings last one hour.


  • There will only be one representative allowed per profession/industry.
  • Each member will do a 60 second commercial at each meeting and will plan to do a ten minute presentation periodically that educates other members in more detail about the services and products offered by their company or business, and to let the group know the best way referrals can be provided.


  • Decisions are made by group consensus.


  • There is no requirement or quota for leads and referrals, but, as a member, I will try to refer prospects or customers that I encounter to the products and services offered by members in RBC.
  • Leads and referrals should be passed along during the week but should be reported to the group during the 60 second commercials.


  • We ask that $25 be submitted at time of application. This is to defray costs of publishing our networking events.


I have read and agree to these expectations and guidelines and accept by signing:


Please click here to download, print, or save the Membership Application


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